You Can’t Steer a Parked Car

I have used this expression for years. Generally in terms of making changes in processes at work. The idea is that if we know we need to make changes, we just need to start. If we overcorrect, then we’ll adjust. My new application of this principle is related to following God. The whole point is that it changes the focus from working to follow Him to allowing Him to lead. Let me explain.

Since Christopher’s death, I have felt a need to re-examine everything. I’ve been counseled that you don’t make any big decisions in the first year and I don’t plan to. What I do plan to do is to start moving in a new direction. First of all, I have decided to apply for the PhD program at FSU in Social Work. If accepted, would hope to start that in Fall 2009. In order to make that happen, I am putting the word out that I am interested in a part-time job. The idea is that being part time at the University will keep me in my state retirement (I have 7 years to go) and allow me to move on in the PhD program. In addition, it will make my schedule more flexible to do some more at Door of Hope, which is why I believe that God has me doing all of this.

In addition, I plan to pursue a certificate in “Social Entrepreneurialism” from the University of Tampa. The idea is to figure out who to make it worthwhile to get people to invest in solutions to social problems.

I have no idea if this will work out and I am not really too terribly concerned about it. I plan to keep moving in this direction until or unless the Lord shows me another way. I am the moving car and I am trusting that God will guide me in the direction that I am to go. I just need to keep my heart open to him.

Does that make sense?

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