Sad in the most unexpected places

I think that one of the things that has surprised me is the unexpected places at which sad sneaks up on me. Last night, I was watching a movie called Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith (cute title huh?). It is about a woman, probably in her fifties who returned to college (hence, my curiosity). At the end, when she graduates, her daughter tells her how proud she is.

I graduate on Saturday and, while I know that Christopher would complain about going to commencement, he would be there, and I believe that he would be proud of me. Even on Friday, there is a reception put on by the College of Social Work for graduates and their families. I would have so enjoyed having Christopher there with me and I know he would have made an appearance; that’s is just who he was.
So, a dumb movie on the Hallmark Channel has a scene that reminds me of yet another aspect of my loss that I had not considered. Not what I expected; but, then again, sad is never is really much of a surprise at this point