The Body

I am still in South Africa, but not as homesick. We was able to attend a worship service yesterday that put a lot into perspective. God is here.

Earlier in the week during a site visit to a local Christian hospital I met a Dr. Mannie. He had a totally different perspective from what we had previously been exposed to and then he prayed and I understood. Afterwards, I went to him and asked about a local Christian Church. He asked about my preferences and then suggested the church where he worships. Five of us attended and were so very blessed.

After the service, Dr. Mannie took us to an “orphanage” where a woman had opened her home to 32 children who generally were not safe at their own homes. The church is reaching out to her to help her meet this overwhelming need in her community. Both on the way up and back, Dr. Mannie asked questions in an effort to really know and understand each of us.

I was able to share about Christopher and this process

All this to say, I am not as homesick anymore. I have been welcomed into a local community of believers, a relationship that I pray will be lasting. I am at home in the body of Christ, wherever it manifests itself.