Miracle of Adoption

This past Sunday, I “celebrated” the 14th anniversary of Christopher and I becoming a family through adoption.  Have you thought about what that means?  Fifteen years ago, Christopher and I were virtual strangers.  Today, I know that we will be connected through eternity.  Isn’t that amazing?

Nobody every thinks twice about referring to the miracle of birth, but what about the miracle of adoption.  I have met a lot of children throughout my life, many of whom have not had parents who were willing and/or able to parent well.  Christopher is the only child that I felt the love for from the day I met him.  I can recall going to work the following morning declaring my love for this child I had met the previous evening.  He wasn’t even the child I was going to meet, but he “happened” to be there.
I guess the miracle in my life as it relates to Christopher is not really about me or my connection to him.  For me it is about the reality that it was a God-ordained relationship from the very first day.  This reality was confirmed throughout the process that led to Christopher being placed with me 5 months later.  Christopher had been presented to several seemingly more suitable families, but they weren’t the parents chosen for Christopher.  I was that parent.

During our prayer time in Church on Sunday, I realized that as special as Christopher’s adoption is to me, I have been adopted by the God of the Universe.  It amazes me that He might remember the day that He brought me in to His family with the same joy and delight I feel about the day that Christopher and I became a family.
Christopher is with Him even now.  That is the miracle of the hope and reality of the salvation, adoption into the family of God, that is offered through faith in Christ.  
That, my friends, is a miracle.