No winners . . .

Sometimes there is just not a win position. Today was such a day as the young man driving the car when it was involved in a collision that resulted in my son’s death was sentenced. I spent a considerable amount of time writing my Victim’s Impact Statement, but did not have a chance to read it due to time constraints in the hearing. I don’t feel that it would be appropriate to post it all here, but there are some things that I needed to say in court today, but didn’t get the opportunity.

I don’t want this tragedy to ruin this young man’s life; I never have. I don’t think that the outcome today will, necessarily, have that effect and for that I am very grateful. I reached out to him after the accident, sending a couple of notes of assurances that I am not angry at him.
I have forgiven him. I just have never had a chance to communicate that to him as, I am sure that on the advice of counsel, we have not communicated in over two years. My forgiveness will only be meaningful to him, however, if he accepts his role in the death of my son. I truly believe that this would be the in his best interest.
I pray for him on a regular basis. It was important to me that he communicated some remorse/regret. He did that today. For me it was start. A good start.
I will always be available to he or his family should there be any way that I can help in their healing process. That has always been my desire. I am hoping that might be a possibility now that the legal process is behind us.