Newspaper Coverage

On the Sunday after the accident, a reported from the Tallahassee Democrat called to ask if she could “cover” Christopher’s memorial service. I asked her what the purpose would be; if it was to make an example of these boys, then no. If it is about the reality that bad things happen to good kids, then it would be okay. She felt confident that it would not be at all negative. She promised to call me if this was not the case. (You can click on the image of the article to read it.)

Monday, within an hour or so of the service, she called again and asked if the photographer could be in the church or did I just want them to take pictures of people coming and going. I told her that at that point, I really didn’t care.

I had no idea how meaningful the “coverage” would be. the Democat published a wonderful article that captured the essence of our hope and the pictures have enabled me to charish the day in ways that I couldn’t have noticed or remembered.