I am a selfish person. I was given a book by a dear friend, Heaven, by Randy Alcorn is said to be a great book that will create in us a total confidence about the prospect of spending eternity with God in Heaven. I am thankful for friends who refer solid, Bible-based, books and I am thankful for this book.

In spite of much encouragement, I have been hesitant to read this book. In talking with my friend, Lisa, last night, I realized that I am selfish; I don’t see how I will find comfort dealing with the loss of my son by learning how wonderful his life is not. How will that relieve my sadness, pain, and loneliness? How will that restore to me the hope of a future, watching him mature and be used by God? How will that give me a family who will care with and for me as I grow old? How will knowing he is having a great time, help me?

From the very beginning, I have been certain that Christopher was the winner in all this ~ his is the only one who doesn’t have to live with pain any more.